Monarch Estates HOA

Firestone, CO

HOA Documents

If you are looking for HOA Documents of any kind, please go to the “ACCOUNTING DOCUMENTS” folder on the HOA Portal.

Due to limitations with the programming of the portal program, the main folder names cannot be changed.  Because the HOA Documents are passed through from the Accounting System to the Portal, the name of the main folder that contains all of the HOA Documents is named “ACCOUNTING DOCUMENTS”.  We have made multiple requests to update/correct the name of the main folder, but the software provider has not yet been able to accommodate the request.

All HOA related documents are listed under the “ACCOUNTING DOCUMENTS” folder, including:

1-Governing Documents
2-Financial Statements
3-Meeting Minutes
5-Reserve Study
7-Misc. Documents

We apologize for the confusion caused by the naming conventions established by the software provider.

Is there a fee to pay by credit card?

Yes, there is a fee if you pay by credit card.  It cannot be quoted, but we believe it is about 3% based upon the amount you are paying.  There is no FEE For e-check or ACH direct deposit.   When making a payment on the portal, it will default to the Credit Card payment type.  If you are going to pay by debit card, you should use the e-check feature that does not charge a fee.  Do not use the debit card with the credit card feature unless you want to pay a fee.

What happens if I mail my payment to the old address?

Starting in January 2022, a payment sent to our office will mailed/forwarded to the payment processing center and will delay the posting.  We strongly encourage everyone who is capable to use the online ACH or E-check feature as this is the fastest, safest and most efficient way to pay your dues on time, going forward.  If you would rather sign up for the DIRECT DEBIT Automatic Payment Program offered by Foster Management, please contact your community manager for the application, or it can be found on the Portal under ACCOUNTING DOCUMENTS – FORMS.

Where do I mail my payment for January 2022 and beyond?

Starting January 1st, 2022 please mail your physical checks and coupons to:

Name of Your Association

c/o Foster Management
PO Box 5620
Denver, CO  80217-5620

Please include your name and address.  Additionally, new coupons have been issued for your use. In that mailing includes envelopes with the new address on it.   They also have your account number registered and a barcode that assure our new system processes every single one quickly, correctly and securely.

How do I contact the HOA regarding questions that I have?

All questions regarding the HOA should be directed to Foster Management.  The Manager assigned to your community is Amber White, and can be reached via email at [email protected] or via telephone at (720) 699-8751.